10 Realities Christians Don’t Like About Being Christian

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Selling the Christian faith has come to be one of the core competencies of evangelicals. This has its roots in extending Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) within the circles of our influence.

But, there are parts of the faith-life that do not always sit well. These are some of the realities that Christians can struggle with:

Prayers aren’t always answered to our satisfaction. I don’t understand any faith-followers of God who enjoy having their prayers answered contrary to what they desire. But God is sovereign, although we are commanded to pray, none of us can control God through our prayers. This is why prayer involves such supreme faith. It reminds us to pray more holistically, such as using the Jesus Prayer,[1] or to pray prayers of praise and thanksgiving, or to pray for the understanding of God’s will and the power to carry it out.
Non-believers often can’t be ‘affected’. We don’t need to be Christians long to come face-to-face with the fact that we peddle an unpopular message. It is only those that the Spirit has been working in who are ripe for the gospel. This is a reality we are both forced to accept as well as accept that we can’t force anyone to come to religion.
Christians may seem to suffer more than those who don’t believe. Christians do suffer: John Wesley said,”One of the greatest evidences of God’s love to those that love him would be to send them afflictions, with grace to keep them.” So there are two parts to this 1 evidence; the fact of afflictions that often come as persecutions, and the elegance Christians get with which to bear them. Being a Jesus follower doesn’t mean that we thrive in our suffering. Nobody does.
Christians can’t sin and be happy in their sinning. Yes, this is correct. For people with the Holy Spirit, there’s the conviction of the Spirit. A Christian’s conscience won’t let them revel in wickedness. This leaves the believer in the unenviable position that they feel guilty for what others may deem as fun. The conscience is piqued.
Christians can’t stop sinning. It must bemuse the planet when it sees Christians being’perfect’ in God, yet as they watch on there are a lot of Christians that seem hypocritical. As followers of Jesus we sit on a knife edge straddling two opposed truths: we are sinners, but we are called beyond our sin. The only difference is the Christian accepts they are a sinner, whilst the world doesn’t accept this reality (as a fact about self) and/or does not care. But just as much are we frustrated by how the church is perceived in the world. We know that the church is valuable to God, and that it grieves God’s Spirit once the church is defamed. But Christians know full well that the church is corruptible, as it is conducted by a humanity under the leadership of God but not necessarily in submission to Him. If power gets to a person’s mind, that power is wielded sinfully. It is misused and abused.
Christians are usually not able to answer non-believers’ questions. Most Christians will struggle to answer theological questions to the satisfaction of those who ask them. It’s not hard to miss the mark or to miss the timing or not to get our words right. But the point of living the authentic Christlike life isn’t in what we say, but in what we do and how we do it in how we live our lives.
Christians can’t appear to prove God to those who insist He is not real. This really irks some in the faith. They love their doctrines but cannot seem to generate some people budge. These very same people will only be convinced by God Himself.
Christians are just as prone to addictions, despair, Ocala Wildlife Removal, disappointments, and failure as anyone is. Maybe more so in many circumstances. Most of us face the same types of enticements. We’re all tempted into greed and envy and lust and pride. And all of us fall for these traps, Christian or not.
Christians do not have any excuse to lash out at people. This doesn’t stop some Christians. There are times, like for anyone made of flesh and feelings, when we would love to have our revenge. But we’re told that it’s God’s prerogative to avenge.
Christian faith can be as much about really accepting the awkward and embarrassing realities of life as enjoying the favor of God’s grace. But it’s not without cost. Indeed, new Christians need to be aware that the genuine life in Jesus is costly, but of course the rewards far outweigh the costs.
And please don’t get me wrong, most Christians would not have their own lives any other way.

These realities that Christians don’t like about being Christian are paradoxically and precisely what older them in the faith.

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